Step on It (Not Buying a New Doormat)


My doormat has been looking past its best for a while now. I was hesitant to put it back in place on my new beautiful floor (Knowing When to Unpick) and considered buying a new one. Believe it or not this one took me a long time to choose. I wanted one that looked like what you imagine when you imagine a doormat. Generic but friendly. I am also a terrible font snob and didn’t want one with stupid font but I did want one which said ‘Welcome’. Sounds easy. Wasn’t.

Well this one fit the bill, and it still does the job. I figured I’d just tidy it up a bit. First thing I did was take it outside and give it a good beating! This got most of the bits and dirt out of it. It is a doormat after all though so it doesn’t need to be spotless.
Next I trimmed off all the longer bits (I think maybe Grace has been digging at it).
The writing was fading off in places so I went over all the writing and the border with a black permanent marker.

I think it looks a lot better now; still not perfect, but it is just a doormat after all!


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